Stephan Schuster Software Development



The following demo applications must be downloaded and installed locally. Windows users may use the installers. The applications run in their own small webserver, which has to be started first. Then, the respective models can be run.
  • Primary Care Model

    Simulates an abstract Primary Care system. Using different behavioural parameters and financial incentives, it is possible to analyse different scenarios with respect to referral rates, waiting times and similar indicators.

    The zip archive is provided here.

  • Network Model

    Simulates strategic network formation with bounded rational agents. Based on Jackson/Wolinsky's connections model.

    The zip archive is provided here.

  • Discrimination Model

    Simulates a statistical discrimination game with bounded rational, learning agents.

    The zip archive is provided here.

The following applications are Java applets.
  • Innovation networks

    Simulates an innovation network formation game, in which private and public firms form collaborative links with each other, and make decisions about investments as well output. The structure of the network influences the possible knowledge spillover effects. Based on the paper R&D Collaboration Networks in Mixed Oligopoly.

The following items are links to sourcecode and documentation.
  • gsim API

    gsim is a generic simulation framework for simulating bounded rational, adaptive agents. It has been used to implement the sample applications. The source code (prototype) can be downloaded here